Friday, Feb 28, 2020
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Presentation of TPS

T.P.S. COM S.R.L. was established in 1993, its main activity field being the process of industrial forging processes - “The manufacturing of metallic parts by plastic deformation and powder metallurgy.”

What does forging mean?
Forging means shaping steel parts at high or low temperatures. While in the beginnings, during the 12th century, the process was carried out using hammers and anvils, now such shaping processes are based on pneumatic hammers, electric-hydraulic presses, mechanical presses, and heating is done in automated gas or induction ovens. By forging, steel is deformed without melting, close to its final shape, so that the usage of material, energy and labor are minimized. Thus, the costs of the end parts are reduced. In addition, such process allows a modification of the texture or even, of the crystalline structure of steel, according to specific technologies, so that the material becomes more suitable for the designed use.

S.C. T.P.S. COM S.R.L. has a vast expertise in the design of plastic shaping of parts at high temperature and regarding the related dies, using special design software.  The products obtained by plastic deformation at high temperatures are made of carbon steel, alloy steel and superior alloy steel, chisel steel, martensitic steel, non-ferrous alloys (bronze and deformable brass, aluminum, titanium alloys, etc.)

T.P.S. COM has modern equipment for manufacturing die-shaped parts (by extrusion or die pressing), modern induction and gas ovens for heating the parts. These ovens have temperature control systems.
 T.P.S. COM is also expert in dropforging using pneumatic hammers. The production capacity is of ca.  60 tones/month. We can deliver the shaped parts as prefabs or machined at their final dimensions.

The Quality Management System implemented within SC T.P.S. COM S.R.L. is certified according to the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001:2008.
T.P.S. COM is certified according to  API 6A for the production of parts to be used specifically in the oil industry.
The largest part of the products manufactured by T.P.S. COM is exported to Germany, Norway, US, Easter countries; other products are marketed on the domestic market, to industrial manufacturers. The raw materials are purchased from Romania, Germany, the Czech Rep, etc.
At T.P.S. COM all products are 100% checked. Quality and thoroughness are our main priority.